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We are Decor Product Designers and Suppliers. As Harns Lab we thrive to create modern spaces. Living spaces are not anymore for only shelter. It became more than that in this century. Modernizing your spaces at your Business Place, Restaurent, Hotel will attract more customers which will generate more revenues. If it is your own home this could be more advanced living. So, do you like to recreate your living space with us!

the new style for your space.

World is always changing. We believe it changes for good. So, if you want to survive you have to adapt or you have to think ahead. People at Harns Lab believe innovation is the best way to cope with the world. We want to decorate your space with a unique products manufactured with latest technologies. We want you or your business to represent as modern humans.

about us

innovative ideas, Modern

Harns Lab (Pvt) Ltd is a registered company in Sri Lanka under the Companies Act (No. 7 of 2007). We are Home décor product designers and manufacturers. We can provide products in our own collection or we can create what you desire.  

Then, check out our gorgeous decorative vases which can simply be displayed beautifully on your table top at office space, restaurant, hotel or home. Our products are specially produced in 3d printers. As they are biodegradable and nature friendly we can assure that you can use our products with pleasure.

Intricately hand finished by us, so that you will see how smooth the surfaces are.

our specialties

Minimalist Vases

Our gorgeous decorative vases which can simply be displayed beautifully on your table top at home or office. Unique and modern design. Perfect to display dried or artificial flowers.

Lamps & Lampshades

Modern decor lamps and lampshades are still not widely available in worldwide. We have the capability to design and manufacture such products

Table Tops

Decorating the tables with table tops is the newest trend. It could be a candle holder, tissue holder or any ornament which makes your table a pleasant place. 

we build your idea in reality

You can select anything which amazes you within our product range. Or if you need something else which is in your mind, we are here to make it a reality. You can create things in your imagination to a reality with us. So, leave us a message, then we can have a chat and share us what you want to do, We are sure it is going to be an good conversation to both of us. 

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Our Founders

Product Designer with a vision to create innovative products that has a life. Learned to be a Mechanical Engineer with production knowledge which benefited in New Product Integration. 

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Chamil S P Sales Engineer

Social Media Marketer with an artistic ideas for new product concepts. Expert in finishing processes with her BSc in Chemistry. Passionate for marketing unique products.

Vishmali DV
Vishmali Dassanayake Marketing Manager